The Shadow of the Red-Tailed Hawk

The shadow of the red-tailed hawk
  passed over the tuxedo cat
  as we sat outside today,
  watching for chipmunks.

I was startled, as was he.
The hawk had dropped down
  from the tree in front of the 
  house.  He may have had his


  eye on a chipmunk or a mouse,
  but he passed between us and the sun,
  casting a darkened shade on the ground
  where the cat and I were to be found.

The cat started, and looked over his
  shoulder at what flew above.
I turned and stared into the sun and
  didn’t see the bird until he’d come

  to rest on a branch; he gave the two of us
  a withering glance, then climbed higher
  to the top of the tree.  I couldn’t tell if 
  he’d passed over us because of the cat, or me.

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