Lament of the Impecunious Poetess

For far too long I have gone without bling–
I want a necklace, I want a ring!
I must work free from the toil of scansion–
I want to live in a honking big mansion!

Little magazines pay so darn little–
It’s hardly worth my blood, sweat or spittle!
Bodice-ripper writers get weekly pedicures
While I and my sisters are left with manure.

I suppose I could work for Mary Kay Cosmetics
and forsake my commitment to cutting-edge poetics.
I’d probably have to get my hair highlighted
If I’m going to sell blusher to the base and benighted.

What am I thinking, I could never survive
as a real estate broker, or work 9-to-5.
I’d best get back to this pesky villanelle
It’s work that suits me though it doesn’t pay well.


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