I’m Dreaming of a White Easter

I’m dreaming . . . of a white Easter–
unlike the ones I used to know.
Where the tulips glisten . . .
and children listen . . .
to hear–snow plows on the roads.


I’m dreaming . . . of a white Easter–
With every Easter egg I dye.
This long winter’s starting to bite–
so may all your Easterses—be white.

4 thoughts on “I’m Dreaming of a White Easter

  1. It snowed 3 1/2 inches in Michigan. Almost had a white Easter. I prefer sunny and 75 degrees.I would like if the children would listen also. Thank you for the beautiful photo and good words.

    • We just got a light dusting today. Latest blizzard I can remember was in 1996 or 7 when we bought my youngest son a basketball goal for his birthday on April 3. It snowed two feet so no birthday basketball.

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