A Second Winter

I don’t mind being cold in the winter,
I don’t mind being cold in the fall;
I mind being cold in the springtime—
I mind it most of all.


In winter being cold is quite natural–
In fall it fits the looming gloom,
But in spring, you want to be outside,
Not stuck inside in your room.

In November the weather’s getting colder,
In January cold’s all you’ve got.
But in April it’s supposed to get warmer,
So it bugs me quite a lot.


I’ll take all the snow that winter can throw,
I’ll take autumn leaves covered with frost,
But a spring that’s cold very soon gets old
When you think of the chances you’ve lost.

You could be throwing a Frisbee
to an agile border collie;
You could be getting dizzy
swinging ‘round some nubile young dolly.

Hip Hop Dancers Posing

But instead you look out your window,
at the all-pervading drizzle.
It certainly is depressing—
as the rappers would say “fo shizzle!”

And so you sit and thumb through plays
writ by guys like Harold Pinter,
and wait until May to make your play
at the end of this second winter.


5 thoughts on “A Second Winter

    1. I remember reading about a letter from a British soldier to his wife they found when he was in New England fighting the colonials. “There is no spring here,” he wrote, “only a second winter.”

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