Who Has Time for Poetry?

Who has time for poetry?
Nobody that I knowetry.
Tell somebody that you actually, like, write verse
And they’ll place you on the spectrum between bad and worse.

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I used to work with a woman named Tina
She’d lost some weight but still had plenty of diameter.
When I told her I’d recently composed a sestina
She laughed and said “In what–iambic pentameter?”

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Poets are called on for ceremonial events
Like weddings and retirement parties.
A lot of people have to listen without giving consent
They’d prefer something less artsy-fartsy.

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I think it’s because poets are ethereal
They dig deep in their psyches for their material.
You can tell when you read their deathless rhymes
Which have stood the test of Daylight Savings Time
When there’s an extra hour of sunlight for them to work with
Although some write scary poems at night to drive people berserk with.

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If you’ve read this far maybe my words cast a spell on you,
You who thought you didn’t have time for a poem.
But don’t worry, my philistine friend, I’m not going to tell on you
Although it will never get between the covers of a tome.


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