On the Use of Flax in Smoothies

I sent an email
to a female.
I asked her if she’d make me one of her smoothies,
they are really doothies.

Image result for smoothie

About her concoctions
there are several unusual facts.
They’re lethal against toxins
because she makes them with flax,

Image result for flax

which I always thought was a principal export
of one or two Benelux nations.
Apparently you can eat the stuff if you’re a good sport,
although I still do so with great hesitation.

Image result for benelux

If you look up flax on Wikipedia
(which isn’t as good as a 24-volume encyclopedia)
it tells you the stuff is stronger than cotton but less elastic–
sounds to my jaded ears a little like plastic.

Image result for encyclopedia

But I love her, and so to avoid an argument
I trust her judgument.
I take a great big gulp
and swallow it whole, including the pulp.

If your spouse or significant other
wants to make a smoothie out of flax,
yours is not to reason why, brother,
just for once stifle the wise cracks.



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