In Praise of Bad Poetry

Bad poetry is a gift from above
That angels squirt down when they run out of love.
It falls like rain on our upturned cheeks
Causing damage that heals in a couple of weeks.
Filled with bad rhymes and even worse punning
Not a product of wit, but rather low cunning.


I wrote some last year when my gecko died
And the time I sent back pinto beans—refried.
You can write by the inch, or even the yard—
You can write it real thin, or as thick as hog lard.


The internet’s great if you like bad verse,
If it’s lousy on paper, on line it gets worse.
A bad poem on parchment stays home from the dance
Until it gets published (as to that, fat chance).
Love poems cranked out by bards on computers
Hit the net ‘fore their rivals can say “Nice hooters!”

Bad poems are found in every scene
From the streets of Dubai to New England’s town greens.
How will you know a bad poem when it is seen?
It will look very much like the one on your screen.

Available in print and Kindle formats on as part of the collection “poetry is kind of important.”


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