The Ambidextrous Monkey

The ambidextrous monkey in the zoo
Has advantages over me, and also over you.
For whenever this simian is feeling bereft
He switches from his right hand and uses his left.


One minute he’s thinking of a gal he used to know
before he was kidnapped from Borneo.
Next he spies a hominid lass next door
and without breaking stride, he’s ready for more.


When the nuns bring the kids in the monkey house
He’s always busy, he’s such a louse!
The zookeeper says “Maybe later he’ll quit.”
But when they return, he’s slowed not a bit.


I don’t know how he keeps up his hectic pace,
Whanging away, a smile on his face.
Perhaps it’s because there’s no foreplay involved;
in this respect the guy is less highly evolved.


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