The Cube-Shaped Poop of the Wombat

After digesting its food, the wombat leaves behind piles of cube-shaped pellets, resembling a set of pungent dice.

                  How Stuff Works: Animals


The wombat is a quadruped
and also a marsupial;
short-legged, muscular, stubby-tailed,
but these aren’t his most curious feature.

No, the thing that makes him so unique
among all the animal kingdom
is his geometric approach to, er, elimination.
On this score he’s the rarest of creatures.


While others leave their scat behind
with nary a thought as to shape,
the wombat’s a thinker, a molder of sorts,
a sculptor in a very strange medium.

The wombat poops in the shape of a cube,
a fact some find miraculous.
Why he does this I can’t say that I know–
Perhaps to relieve his tedium.


Bricklayers build from lumps of clay
but a wombat’s more ambitious.
He produces his own raw material
out of stuff he once found delicious.


6 thoughts on “The Cube-Shaped Poop of the Wombat

  1. So I write “cube shaped poetry” and it just occurred to me that what the wombat produces in cubes is very similar to what I write. Makes as much sense as the fact that the wombat is one part “womb” and one part “at.” Hmmmm.

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