The Woman With Two Hyphens in Her Name

There’s a very sweet girl, of no great fame
whom you should get to know,
She’s got two hyphens in her name:
Eve-Elise Kerry-O’Laveau.


She takes ballet and does macramé
among her other activities,
but she’s sometimes at a loss for things to say
that’s one of her curious proclivities.

When she’s introduced at a social event
to an earnest prospective beau,
She replies with a tone that’s hesitant–
“I’m Eve-Elise Kerry-O’Laveau.”


Her name’s such a mouthful the young man becomes doubtful
if he’s keen on maintaining efficiency.
“This could be a problem,” he says to himself,
“I can’t call her with any proficiency!”

Dragging two hyphens around all day
can get to be a chore.
The problem is, if you get “hitched”—as they say,
you may have to add one or two more.


One night EE met a guy, Jean-Louis,
who immediately took a shine to her.
His nom de famille was Louis-Dreyfus
and—no surprise–that was just fine with her.

Moral: For every odd duck there’s a drake.



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