Monkeys for Lunch

If you’re having monkeys
over for lunch
you’d better buy bananas,
and buy them by the bunch.


Don’t buy them green
or you’ll hear a lot of gripin’
because monkeys aren’t keen
on waiting for things to ripen.


I wouldn’t knock myself out
making lunch delicious
because monkeys are no help
when it’s time to do the dishes.


Table manners are also not a simian forte
so bear this in mind when you do the cooking.
A monkey is liable to eat all the torte
When you and the other monkeys aren’t looking.

I’m sorry—that didn’t come out quite right.
I didn’t mean to suggest that monkeys were the same as you.
On the other hand, if you’re having them over for a bite
It means not all the monkeys are in the zoo.


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