In the Land of Litotes

I live in the land of litotes
and as a result I’m not hard to please,
for residents of this country find it apposite
to express the affirmative by negating its opposite.


Back when I was single
and datingly active
I didn’t seek to meet a beauty
just someone who was not unattractive.


I don’t like to go out and have a good time,
a not unpleasant evening for me is just fine.
I scan the wine menu with a look that is pensive
seeking a vintage that’s more inexpensive.


We litotes types get tied up in knots
whenever we try to express our thoughts.
Affirmative and negative tend to get confused
by the figure of speech that we choose to use.
It’s frustrating to listen to language so demanding–
I hope that this truth you’re not misunderstanding.


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