poetry is kind of important

poetry is kind of important,
a poem can be a big deal.
you can write one about your girlfriend
and how she makes you feel.

if you’re sad a poem’s just the thing
if you can see to write through your tears.
if it’s really good it’ll ruin someone’s evening
in a way they’ll remember for years.

good poets screw around with punctuation
to wrap up their gift of gab.
they also experiment with indentation
so it can be hard to set your tabs.

meter’s important in poetry,
you should definitely try to make your lines scan.
if you don’t you’ll ruin your flow-etry.
if people complain you can tell ‘em to buzz off, that’s exactly what you planned.

one thing that’s cool about poetry
is it doesn’t always have to rhyme.
I mean, it’s good if it does every now and then
but it’s not a crime if you don’t do it all the time.

real poets don’t sweat edits and deletions
they just sit down and the stuff comes out
like any other bodily excretion–
you know what I’m talking about.

poetry is like gymnastics;
you’ve got to nail the dismount.
the art form is generally plastic,
in stores it’s sold at a discount.

sorry, i was going to end this
but somehow i got distracted,
and now this poem’s gone on too long
like a wisdom tooth that’s impacted.

anyway, excuse the lapses in taste and rhyme
or more precisely, artistic deportment;
i’ve stayed on the stage of the page beyond my time–
i just wanted to say poetry is kind of important.

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