He Did Not Seek to Be Loved

  Not a man who sought to be loved . . .

Obituary of a Boston lawyer


He sought not love, and it did not seek him–
It was a case of mutual disapprobation.
For love, it gets in the way of your work,
It wasn’t suited to his situation.

Love, on the other hand, didn’t need him,
it had plenty of chores of its own to do;
Working its magic on burgeoning youth,
causing human pigeons to bill and coo.


No, love got along without him just fine,
While he may have suffered from its lack;
I knew him during and after his prime,
He was courtly but bitter, and prone to attack.

He was warmed, it said, by the sun of his wife,
his second, around whom he revolved.
A deft touch, that; one wondered about the first,
and why, exactly, the marriage dissolved.


But the question, when asked, answers itself
of a man of whom it was later said
that he sought not love, although he was beloved,
at least that’s they wrote of him, dead.


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