A Ballet on Bubble Wrap?

A ballet on bubble wrap?
I know—it sounds like crap.
But when it  actually came to pass


It wasn’t half bad
And so I felt a bit crass
For presuming it would be pathetic,  sad.


There are other kinds of packing material
which I’ll now address in a manner serial.

It was better than a dance on packing  peanuts,
which I like to refer to as “albino  Cheetohs.”
Granted the dancers were anorexic  she-nuts,
But in their tutus they looked pretty  neat-o.


There’s also that stuff called  excelsior
which looks like dried whole wheat  pasta
or the shorn hair of a girl named  Elinor
or the dreadlocks of a notable Rasta.


The choreographer was a Dutchman who’s  afraid of flying,
a guy by the name of Kylián.
The chances I’ll check out his work  again—I’m not lying—
are approximately one in a  myllián.


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