On New Attention Being Paid to Neglected Abstract Expressionists


Sorry, but my distinct impression is–
We already have enough abstract expressionists.

There’s no use spelunking in artistic caverns
For the type once rife at the Cedar Tavern.




I mean, I think if you’ve seen one Rothko
you’ve pretty much seen them all, by gothko.
And as for someone overshadowed by Pollock
It’s a bit late for me to wax hyperbolic.




The problem as I see it with this artistic school
is its foundation was laid by breaking all rules.
Once they’d been shattered into little fragments
There’s no point to re-smashing in different pigments.




There may be an AbEx I somehow missed out on,
if so, I’ll never know that sleeper.
I just wish I’d bought the well-known Old Masters

when their exorbitant prices were cheaper.



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