The Social Media Handle Correction Department

          Because of an editing error, an article on Monday about a theological battle being fought by Muslim imams and scholars in the West against the Islamic State misstated the Snapchat handle used by Suhaib Webb, one of Muslim leaders speaking out.  It is imamsuhaibwebb, not Pimpin4Paradise786.

The New York Times, May 10, 2016

“It’s a par three, with a dogleg to the right.”


Lawyers for Malcolm Fordham II, the former Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Xerxes Funds now serving a six-month sentence for securities fraud at the Danbury, Connecticut, “Club Fed” prison inform us that Mr. Fordham’s Facebook name is Malcolm2U, not looking4awealthywoman4whenIgetout.  The Times apologizes to Mr. Fordham, conditional on his lawyers dismissal of his suit against us with prejudice.

Mrs. Lloyd Oehrke, the winner of the 2016 Pillsbury Bake-Off for her recipe “Quik ‘n E-Z Cheesy Chili Dog Casserole” prefers to be known as “bakinglady” to her 267 followers on Instagram.  Due to a power surge in the Times’ news room during the rush to meet deadline for last Sunday’s Weekend section, several letters were transposed so that Mrs. Oehrke’s name appeared in the on-line edition as “midwesternlardbuttprobablytrumpvoter.”  The Times regrets it error, which in no way reflects our newspaper’s proud tradition of unbiased reporting.

“What’s in it?  It’d be easier to tell you what’s not in it.”

In an article in Thursday’s society page Lucien Andrews de Groot IV was identified as the blogger whatafreakingtwit.  His blog appears on WordPress under the name ihavemoremoneyandclassthanyou.  The Times apologizes to Mr. de Groot, or Mr. IV, whichever he prefers.

“You’re not going to blog about this, are you Lucien?  Lucien?”


Former NFL player Eddie “Two Shoes” Boggs does not use the on-line name ImbrokeIblewitallonhookersandcoke as reported in last Tuesday’s Sports section.  Mr. Boggs is known to his many fans as willautographshitfor$. 









2 thoughts on “The Social Media Handle Correction Department

  1. The New York Times printed “Page 4” on the fourth page of yesterday’s edition. We cannot allow courage and devotion to truth like this go unnoticed.

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