August in New York

  (with apologies to Vernon Duke)

August in New York—why does it seem uninviting?
August in New York—have you tried to sleep there at nighting?
Sweltering crowds and shimmering clouds from manhole covers
Make me not want to go.

August in New York—everyone wants to be elsewhere.
August in New York—on the beach with a cold beer.
Sweat down your dress on the late Lex Express
It’s August in New York–
So tough to live it again.

August in New York—the baking rooftops are torrid.
August in New York—pouring sweat down your forehead.
Busted air conditioners
make perspiring parishioners
pray for a break from the heat.

August in New York, transforms the slums into Hades.
August in New York—it bakes Park Avenue ladies.
Lovers I fear
Will say “Not tonight, dear.”
It’s August in New York–
Don’t want to live it—again.


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