Debbie and Johnnie

Debbie Carneseca had the biggest tits in school
but if you was to touch them that would mark you for a fool.
‘Cause Debbie Carneseca was alleged to be the daughter
of Johnnie Carneseca who believed he was her father.

Now Debbie and her daddy lived just southwest of town
Her hair is dark and shiny and her skin is smooth and brown.
Johnnie makes a living working hard both day and night
He’s on the midnight shift when she turns out both her lights.

What a waste—what I would do for a taste,
of Debbie’s most attractive feature south of her face.
What a shame, and Johnnie gits all the blame
‘Cause he and little Debbie have the same last name.

You’re free to go and see her when she’s home all alone
But when you hear his pick-up truck you’d better get gone.
‘Cause Johnnie’s quite protective of his little Debbie girl,
She’s all he’s got that’s sacred in his grubby little world.

What a crime, because he does it every time,
comes screechin’ round the corner and he stops on a dime
What a shame, because there’s doubt to his claim,
but he and little Debbie have the same last name.

Now Debbie’s mom was known to lead a free-lovin’ life.
She weren’t the kinda woman you would want for your wife.
Johnnie told her once and then he went and told her twice,
He tried to talk some sense to her, he tried real nice.

But when he found her lyin’ with a man in his bed
He shot him in the back and then he shot her in the head.
It didn’t take too long after the lovers had died
for twelve men on the jury to declare him justified.

And that is why, no boy will ever take the chance
to ask his buxom daughter to the homecoming dance.
It’s such a loss, those knockers sitting there untouched
When every boy in town would like to feel ‘em so much.